FFA  –  The National Curriculum and the 4 Building Blocks

Hampton Park United Sparrows F.C. utilises the National Curriculum as the basis for player development. This framework has particular guidelines and practices relating to Building Blocks as follows

  1. Under 6 – Under 9: The Discovery Phase
  2. Under 10- Under 13: The Skill Acquisition Phase
  3. Under 14- Under 17: The Game training Phase
  4. Under 17 and above: The Performance Phase

FFA Building Blocks

FFA Building Blocks

All coaches are expected to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the National Curriculum and understand the philosophy and reasoning behind it.
  • Have an understanding of the various building phases that the National Curriculum defines for the 4 phases
  • Follow and implement the relevant guidelines that the National Curriculum outlines for the particular age group that they are coaching
  • Ensure that they have the appropriate qualification for the team that they are coaching.
  • Ensure that they register as a coach with Hampton Park United Sparrows FC via the FFV Online Registration process
  • Ensure they have a current Working With Children Check
    • Note: FFV does not have exemptions for parents coaching or managing teams where their child is playing.
    • Working With Children Check is required for ALL people 18+ years of age working with children under 18 years of age.
  • Be responsible for the management of their own squads